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Ufc 257 Odds

Propositional bets can also be used to boost odds on a fighter you believe is so dominant that his juiced money line odds will offer more value if you think he will end the fight. When a high-level fighter is priced at -800, it doesn’t sound tempting to wager $800 and only collect a $100 profit. Still, should you increase your odds with a prop bet, it can become a more systematic way of gaining profit on fighter’s who are talented enough to finish the fight quick. And you don’t have to choose one particular outcome; bookmakers will offer you a‘ fighter to win inside the distance’ prop covering all methods of victory inside the 3 or 5 rounds. Though he was far from an undefeated powerhouse, Alcantara had rattled off three victories in 2014 and returned to form after a defeat to Urijah Faberthe year prior. “Marajo” was firmly entrenched as a Top 10 bantamweight and may have been a win or two away from an elusive title shot.

  • Chipz uses blockchain smart contracts to execute the dispersion of the prize pool to winning bets at the end of the event in a transparent manner.
  • The simplest win is through a knockout, or KO, which is where the opponent cannot continue fighting.
  • Harris cruised in his UFC debut back in May in a fight we cashed.
  • They often have more UFC betting lines than the “offshore” sportsbooks, better customer service and the option to manage your betting account entirely from your home.
  • All new accounts will be eligible for a $25 risk-free prop bet, a $50 mobile betting free play, and a $25 free bet for live betting.

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To Win Series

Penalties that were cancelled by the referee will be ignored. Predict if a certain team will win at least one half of the game – no matter 1 st or 2 nd half. If one or more contestants fail to start the tournament, all bets are considered void. If both teams reach the same stage, the bets will be void.

If an exact score occurs that is not an option in our offer, all bets are lost. Any match resulting in 0-0 will be settled as an even number of goals. A prediction of whether the total number of accumulated goals in a match will add up to an odd or even number.

Sometimes it is not enough to predict a short fight between two fighters. Here are the betting tips that will help you in UFC betting. Of course, there are UFC bets that you can make for the long term. Futures betting refers to tournament winners and normally the odds on this line are pretty high. However, tournament winner or championship winner bets are rare, especially in UFC fights.

Win/loss is determined by the number of double faults accumulated by both players. Predict which player will be the first to win two, three, four or five games. Win/loss is determined by the number of tie breaks in the match.