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More Money Has Been Bet On The Presidential Election Than The Super Bowl

This meant that, whilst she won the popular vote by 2.9M, the electoral college was lost by around 70K votes, spread across three states. Then Trump plays catchup with votes cast on election day being tallied. The odds have Trump as a heavy favorite, but the polls only have him as a slight favorite. Needless to say, he needs to win Ohio to have much of a shot at winning the night.

  • Polls and popularity all favored Clinton heavily but Trump came out victorious.
  • For the most part, political betting markets were used by newspapers as a way to forecast elections in the absence of scientific polling.
  • In an interview this week, he said that voters he’s spoken to are “desperate out here for road and bridge money” and wondering where it is.
  • Traders are split over who will win the US election, while crypto saw a rough day with $15 billion wiped from global market cap.

In fact, more money has been wagered with Betfair on this election than on the Super Bowl, Grand National, 2018 World Cup and Conor McGregor’s high-profile 2017 bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. combined. The Betfair Exchange last month revealed more than £200m had already been traded on the event with six days to go, while that figure has now surpassed £306m as we arrive at Election Day. Select the bet you want to make, enter your wager amount on the Bet Slip, and click ‘Place Bets’ to confirm.

Who Will Be The Next Us President?

Many states with legal sports betting have benefited from having the tax revenue that comes from state-regulated sportsbooks and the addition of political betting informative post might only bring in more for much-needed revenue. You can use any of the online sportsbooks detailed in the article above to bet real money on politics. While we have selected several of our favorite sportsbooks to recommend, there are many, although we do not vouch for the quality of those not on our website. No matter the case, be sure to shop lines as a candidate’s odds can be vastly different amongst sportsbooks. One deposit method that is worth highlighting at the online sportsbooks that offer political betting is bitcoin.

Kamala Harris Opens At +350 Favorite To Win 2024 Election

The Democrats may want to maximize that momentum by nominating Harris instead of pushing for a second term for Biden. So far in US history, no major party has ever opted not to renominate an incumbent when he’s been eligible for reelection. In this 90-minute uninterrupted debate, Senator Kamala Harris will take on Vice President Mike Pence at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Just a week after the DNC, the Republicans held their convention in Washington DC, Charlotte, and from a variety of virtual locations.

The Electoral College is a group designated by states to cast votes for the president and vice president on behalf of state citizens. The Electoral College, not the popular vote, elects the president, but the two votes are tied closely. Thursday morning continues to be an uneventful one, with very little movement in terms of presidential election odds. Despite relatively strong Biden election odds, they could be the highwater mark for him before the November election. One the other hand, the president still has plenty of time to right the ship, with Trump betting odds offering a return. Granted, this is not quite as attractive a play for a sitting president.

In addition to races for the Presidency, the Senate and the House, some sportsbooks also have betting lines on several Governor contests. What it all means is while some citizens will cast their votes at the ballot box, others will express their opinions with cold hard cash. Many sportsbooks have a betting line on whether the Democrats will gain control of the Senate (“No” still is favored over “Yes”) while some enterprising wagering outlets have betting lines on many of the individual races. Others still offer index wagering on how many Senate seats the Democrats will gain. It was just hours after George W. Bush had been re-elected President of the United States in 2004 that sportsbooks began posting betting lines on who would win a four-year lease on the Oval Office in 2008. The multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal has been met with harsh criticism from political opponents on both sides of the aisle, as well as from voters.

Whether Trump will make a last-minute campaign stop in Virginia, and how that could impact the race, remains to be seen. Youngkin has walked a fine line regarding the former president throughout the campaign. He has accepted Trump’s endorsement and speaks well of him in more conservative areas, but in more liberal or swing areas of Virginia, Youngkin avoids comparisons.

There have been few updates in voting counts for the key swing states, like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, so it’s not surprising that election odds have barely budged since 8 a.m. There’s a chance he gets above 300 Electoral College votes by the time it’s all said and done. Monday, some books began paying out Biden bettors after the electoral college voted to confirm his victory. Known as a political pundit both in New York and nationally, Rosenberg provides his “Best Bets” on the election and he offers up his quick picks on either Trump or Biden in the key battleground states. Presidential Election while providing a look back at recent elections. The company’s sportsbook manager told Forbes a surge of bets has been placed on Trump to win over the past few days.